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The project BRIDGE

The project BRIDGE aims to offer students the opportunity to successfully complete a cooperative study programme in two or more countries in the Greater Region. Thus, they receive both professional and intercultural training during their studies and can apply their newly acquired knowledge in the practical phases. The long-term objective of the project is thus to promote the development of an integrated labour market by promoting education, training and mobility.


Analysis of the initial situation

Before cross-border and cooperative study programmes can be developed in the Greater Region, the legal and organisational initial situations must be analysed so that solutions and possibilities can be identified.

Development and establishment of regional working groups of interested companies/institutions

With the long-term establishment of regional working groups consisting of the participating universities, strategic partners and relevant companies, the process of study design and its implementation should be better accompanied.

Conception of cross-border cooperative study programmes

Some thought needs to be given to the implementation of cross-border and cooperative study programmes, so that conceptualisation is essential. For this reason, Action 5 should first of all design the study programmes in terms of content and organisation.

Opening up the digital infrastructures of participating universities, including language courses

The students of the developed study programmes should benefit from the resources of the participating universities and, for example, should also be able to use existing support services such as language courses.

Testing and evaluation of the offer

During the project period, the implementation of the developed study programmes is planned so that they can be evaluated and improved accordingly.


ca. 1,9 Mio

Interreg support

The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Interreg Greater Region programme. It has a total budget of EUR 1,899,163.91, of which EUR 1,139,498.33 comes from the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).


ca. 1,14 Mio